In simple terms, dedicated hosting rents a physical server which is exclusively for your use in the data center of the provider.

Dedicated hosting is analogous to virtual private server (VPS) hosting, but the biggest difference is that dedicated servers get access to more RAM compared to VPS servers.

Dedicated servers are isolated from each other, giving you the freedom to configure your servers the way you want.

The other benefits are full access control, total privacy, and guaranteed server resources that support your hosting plan. Also, the performance of dedicated servers does an excellent job of keeping your website stable and predictable.

If you are someone who needs high traffic website hosting then dedicated hosting is the best option for you.

We concentrate on the aftermath during our evaluation process when rating the dedicated hosting providers on our list:

  • Characteristics included in the foundation plans
  • Output on uptime and pace
  • Structure for pricing
  • Experience in customer service

Let’s look at some of the best choices out there for dedicated hosting.

9 Best Dedicated Hosting Services

1. Liquid Web – Fastest Dedicated Servers


  • + Fastest time to load (~360ms)
  • + Mighty servers (32GB RAM)
  • + Storage RAID 1
  • + In the US and EU, data centers
  • + The CDN CloudFlare
  • + Outstanding support 24/7 (under 1 min)


  • Extra charges for cPanel
  • Bandwidth limited (5TB)

Plans start at $199/mo

Liquid Web offers a reliable and ultra-fast dedicated hosting service. It comes equipped with powerful servers and many useful features to keep your websites at peak performance.

Liquid Web has data centers within the US and the EU, providing a stable connection for visitors in both regions. Performance-wise, we’ve measured its speed to be the fastest on the list averaging ~ 360 ms. Its uptime was near perfect, with 99.99% and only 2 minutes of downtime in the last two months.


Liquid Web offers dedicated servers with Linux and Windows configurations. However, be prepared to pay more for Windows setup as usual. Also, you can have access to Plesk, cPanel, WHM, and Interworx dashboards that you are ready to purchase separate licenses through the control panel.

One of the biggest advantages is that you simply get a whopping 32GB of RAM and a 3.9GHz processor with 4 CPU cores right out of the box. Disk space with the most cost-effective plan isn’t that great at 480GB, but the default SSD makes up for it considering speed. In addition, you may have the option to upgrade to a larger disk space once you need it. Plus, you get a dedicated IP with the most cost-effective plan. However, you are limited to 5 TB of bandwidth for data transfers, which should be sufficient for many small or medium-sized businesses.


The main features are root and SSH access, real-time monitoring, standard DDoS protection, and software RAID 1 with a single 1TB SATA HDD backup included with the plan. Plus, you can get another benefit of the CloudFlare CDN plugin to increase the speed of delivery of your content to returning visitors.

Liquid Web offers 24/7 phone and chats support with all plans. They also guarantee an initial response of 59 seconds, which they maintained once we requested their help.

After the initial answer, subsequent questions are answered in a jiffy. Support is intimate with your dedicated hosting plans and goes the extra step in determining which hosting solution would be the easiest for your project.

Overall, Liquid Web support is extremely helpful, courteous, and quick to respond to your concerns or questions.



Pricing starts at $ 199 / month. There is no possibility of the annual payment. minimum prices are for managed or unmanaged basic plans. Also, you may need to pay an additional $ 35 / month for a cPanel license, which can make monthly payments quite expensive.

If you are looking to urge a fanatic server within the EU, you face higher fees, but lower performance on online servers compared to US plans.

Each plan comes with a 100% uptime guarantee. Unfortunately, Liquid Web does not offer money-back guarantees.

To get started, visit

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2. InMotion Hosting – Dedicated Servers with Extra Security


  • + Perfect time for loads (~460ms)
  • + cPanel & WHM open
  • + Free APF firewall and AutoSSL
  • + The RAID app
  • + 24/7 Excellent service for customers
  • + 30-day full money-back guarantee with full money back


  • Data centers only in the US
  • Bandwidth limited

InMotion offers dedicated servers with additional layers of security to protect your websites against the malware that comes standard with your plans. They need outstanding efficiency and functionality, making them one of the most committed hosting companies on our list.

Their servers are located within the US only, but their performance and uptime are top-notch. Over the past two months, its average speed has been ~ 460ms with a near-perfect 99.98% uptime.

InMotion offers only the Linux server setup, but they were released during a free cPanel and WHM to sweeten the deal. All of your web servers are managed to give you more free time for development rather than keeping your servers running.

InMotion’s dedicated hosting plans start with 8GB of RAM and an honest 3.50GHz processor with 4 CPU cores. Furthermore, you can choose between an SSD and a hard drive with 500 GB and 1 TB of space, respectively. If you don’t need the space, go with the SSD option for much better performance. Plus, you get 5 dedicated IP addresses with the most cost-effective plan, but they’re limited to 6 TB of bandwidth.


Looking at the features is where InMotion begins to shine. Aside from the aforementioned free access perk to cPanel, you get its standard root and SSH access, DDoS protection, and software RAID. Plus, you can get additional security benefits like free AutoSSL and a preloaded APF firewall to protect against malware with each dedicated server. They also perform automatic updates on their server as part of the managed server plan offering.

InMotion offers typical 24/7 customer support by phone, Skype, chat, or email. The reaction time of your support is impressive. Follow-up questions were also answered quickly, showing that they take customer service very seriously.

The representatives are very knowledgeable and can help you with any questions or concerns you may have. However, some answers were initially vague but went into more detail with follow-up questions.

Overall, InMotion Support offers a great customer support experience.


Plans start from $ 139.99 / month with an annual commitment or from $ 159.99 / month if it’s easier to pay monthly. you have the option of a 30-day money-back guarantee if their services are not to your liking.

Each plan comes with free 2-hour start-up assistance, suggesting that InMotion system administrators will help you transfer your content without downtime or assist with any setup questions you have.

InMotion also guarantees 99.99% uptime with its dedicated hosting service.

To get started, visit

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3. HostGator – Easy to Get Started


  • + cPanel & Plesk Free
  • + Infinite bandwidth
  • + Infinite databases
  • + Storage RAID 1
  • + Automatic Alerts
  • + Tracking 24/7

The Cons:

  • Average load time below (~1090ms)
  • Data centers only in the US
  • High rates for renewals ($189/mo)
  • No login to SSH
HostGator dedicated hosting

Plans start at $89.98/mo

HostGator may be a well known web hosting company with useful features when it comes to dedicated servers. They provide a competitively priced managed dedicated hosting solution, but be prepared to pay more after the initial period.

HostGator has data centers only in the US Their performance over the past two months is not something we would expect to find out from a well-established web host. typical speed was only ~ 1090 ms, which is below the performance some of the opposing vendors use on this list. Their uptime was 99.86%, as they experienced two hours of inactivity during the last two months.

HostGator offers servers configured for Linux and Windows to meet your needs. You get access to a free dashboard with both settings, cPanel and WHM with Linux and Plesk and WebMatrix with Windows.


HostGator’s cheapest plan comes with 8GB of RAM and a 2.1GHz processor with 4 CPU cores. You get 1TB of HDD disk space and only have the option to select an SSD with higher-level plans. However, you have unmetered bandwidth and three dedicated IP addresses with each plan.

The key features are root access, DDoS security, RAID 1 storage, and IP-based firewall. Plus, you get access to unlimited databases. Since HostGator offers a managed dedicated hosting solution, they monitor their servers 24/7 and provide automated updates right out of the box.

There’s a 24/7 phone and live chat service for HostGator. The client service experience, however, is somewhat questionable.

When we reached out to their support, we connected with a representative on our second attempt. The support was helpful with our initial questions but left us hanging with follow-up questions.

In general, HostGator customer support is not very reliable, but you get your answers once you contact them. However, that is not the experience you expect in today’s competitive world of accommodation.


HostGator’s dedicated hosting plans start at $ 89.98 / month with a three-year commitment. This is often a bargain considering the value you get with the most profitable plan, but be prepared to pay a daily fee of $ 189 / mo for the renewal period.

They offer the option to pay monthly, but the price starts from $ 159.99 / month, which is a bit pricey. Unfortunately, HostGator does not offer money-back guarantees. you’re happier trying their services for a month at a better cost and then switching to an extended engagement to keep prices low.

To get started, visit

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4. Bluehost – Best for Worldwide Coverage


  • + cPanel free
  • + U.S., EU, and Asian data centers
  • + Storage RAID 1
  • + Average time to load (~720ms)
  • + SSL Free
  • + 30-day money-back assurance guarantee +


  • Lowest space on the disk (500GB HDD)
  • Bandwidth limited (5TB)
  • No security from DDoS
  • Unreliable service from customers

Plans start at $79.99/mo

Bluehost can be a reliable dedicated hosting provider with great value for money. Their servers aren’t as powerful as several of the opposing dedicated server providers on this list, but you do get some great features for a comparatively low cost.

Bluehost has data centers in most of the world with coverage in the US, the EU, and Asia. Its uptime is near perfect, with 99.99% and only one downtime in the last two months. Performance is also reliable, averaging ~ 720ms over an equivalent period.

They only offer Linux-configured servers but have added a free cPanel subscription with every decision to help you manage your dedicated server with ease.

Bluehost’s cheapest plan comes with 4GB of RAM and a pair of .3GHz processors with 4 CPU cores, which are not that powerful. Furthermore, you can get 500GB of HDD disk space, which is not tons, and considering they do not offer an SSD therefore little storage. Its bandwidth is also limited to 5TB, which should be sufficient for many small and medium businesses. you will get 3 dedicated IP addresses with the most cost-effective plan.


Some of the most important features are quality root and SSH access and RAID 1 mirrored storage. In addition to the free cPanel mentioned above, you can also get a free SSL certificate to avoid some hassle with your costs. However, the plans lack industry-standard DDoS protection.

Bluehost offers 24/7 phone and chat support with each plan. However, after several attempts during the elementary day, we were unable to tune in to them using the live chat feature. It could have been a bummer with the live chat software during our review, but if the problem is a recurring one, it’s happier to call them directly.

We tried it the next day again and were connected with a representative in no time. His responses were quick, short, and to the point, which is what you would expect from good customer support.

Overall, if Bluehost’s live chat feature doesn’t fail, you’ll get a quick and easy response.


Bluehost’s cheapest dedicated hosting plan starts at $ 79.99 / month, with a three-year commitment. It’s a bargain, although their lower-tier plans are missing some features and the power that opposing service providers offer (at a better price). If you’re more interested in paying monthly for your dedicated server, then expect to pay double the minimum price, which starts at $ 149.99 / month.

However, they do provide a full 30-day money-back guarantee and you get a free name for your first year with them.

To get started, visit

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5. DreamHost – Fully-Managed Dedicated Hosting


  • + Control Panel built in-house
  • + Infinite Bandwidth
  • + MySQL Client-Server Local
  • + Storage RAID 1
  • + Tracking 24/7


  • Average load time below (~1120ms)
  • Data centers only in the US
  • – Poor support for clients

Plans start at $149/mo

DreamHost is one of the oldest web hosting companies out there, but that doesn’t make them obsolete. Their dedicated hosting comes with a built-in dashboard, decent servers, and web server monitoring to make their dedicated servers easy to use. They’re fully managed too, so if you’re trying to find a fanatic server with the least amount of hassle, DreamHost has you covered.

Their data centers are only based in the US When it comes to performance, the last two months haven’t shown great results. The typical speed was ~ 1120 ms, which is lower than other vendors on our list. Their uptime was 99.87%, as they suffered two hours of downtime spread over the two months measured.

DreamHost offers dedicated servers with Linux configuration only, but you get access to its easy-to-use integrated panel designed specifically for Linux servers.

The lowest level plan gives you 4GB of RAM and a processor with 4 CPU cores, which is not that spectacular. But you get 1TB of hard drive space and unlimited bandwidth right out of the box. Furthermore, you can get a dedicated IP with the lowest level plan.


Root and SSH access, DDoS security, RAID 1 storage, and 24/7 server monitoring are the key features. If you are using databases, you can also get an area MySQL database server included with each plan.

DreamHost offers 24/7 technical support with its dedicated hosting plans. However, by digging a little deeper, you’ll learn that the live chat option is only available from 5:30 AM to 5:30 PM. M. At 9:30 p. M., Pacific Time, 7 days a week.

In addition to live chat, you have to create a ticket or try to find an answer through chat with a robot.

In general, Dreamhost’s claim to have 24/7 support is not the all-day support option we usually have if it means creating a 24/7 ticket. Unfortunately, the experience falls within the typical customer service capabilities we’ve seen before.


DreamHost’s dedicated hosting plans start at $ 149 / month with a one-year commitment. However, your monthly price starts from $ 169 / month, which isn’t a big difference if you favor not making long-term commitments. Also, since they need an in-house developed panel, you won’t be surprised at the additional costs when it comes to controlling panels.

Since the essential plan only comes with 4GB of RAM, you may want to upgrade to 8GB of RAM, starting at $ 189 / month with a one-year commitment. It’s more expensive than the lower plan, but you get more performance along with your fully managed dedicated server.

Each plan comes with a 100% uptime guarantee service level agreement.

To get started, visit

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6. A2 Hosting – Best for Unmanaged Servers


  • + Options for Unmanaged Server
  • + U.S., EU, and Asian data centers
  • + Storage RAID 1
  • + The CDN CloudFlare
  • + Tracking 24/7
  • + Free Migration of Sites
  • + A money-back guarantee at any time


  • – Servers that are slower
  • Extra charges for cPanel
  • The worst time for loading (~1220ms)

A2 Hosting has dedicated hosting plans for managed and unmanaged servers, counting on what you would like. If you are trying to find a great deal on Unmanaged Dedicated Server then A2 Hosting is the thanks. However, if managed servers are more for you, you may be happier with someone else.

A2 Hosting has data centers that cover the US, EU, and Asia, almost like Bluehost’s coverage. Its uptime is near perfect, with 99.99% and only 4 minutes of downtime in the last two months. However, over an equivalent period, its speed performance was not great, with an average load time of ~ 1220 ms, which is the worst result on our list.

They only offer servers configured with Linux, and with the unmanaged plan, you can decide on your operating system to travel with it. However, there is no dashboard alongside the unmanaged plan, compared to the managed plan.

A2 Hosting’s unmanaged plan comes with 8GB of RAM, but only with a 3.1 GHz processor with 2 CPU cores. Furthermore, you can get 1 TB of HDD disk space and two dedicated IP addresses. However, you are limited to 10 TB of bandwidth for data transfers with the most cost-effective unmanaged plan.


The main features are industry-standard SSH and root access, DDoS protection, and RAID 1 storage for backups. a great addition is that the option to include a CloudFlare CDN plugin on your server is required.

A2 Hosting offers a 24/7 customer support feature, but only with their managed dedicated hosting plans. It’s understandable because they expect the customer to bring web development and management expertise with their unmanaged plan.

The response from their customer support team took a couple of minutes, but they are accommodating and know what they were talking about. They also took the time to elucidate their service beyond the initial question.

Overall, we had an honest customer service experience with A2 Hosting, and they helped you with any issues or questions you had.


The lowest price for A2 Hosting is $ 99.59 / month with a one-year commitment and a dedicated unmanaged server. an equivalent plan with a monthly payment starts at $ 124.49 / month. Additionally, you may have the option to include a subscription to the cPanel Dashboard for $ 39.95 / month.

However, if what you’re doing is getting a cPanel, you’ll be happier with their managed server plans, which start at $ 129.30 / month and have a cPanel subscription already included. Plus, you can get an SSD (with a lower volume), 24/7 tech support, and network monitoring, but you’ll lose basic access with the most cost-effective managed plan.

There is an anytime money-back guarantee with each plan, and a 99.9% uptime guarantee is also included. Also, A2 Hosting migrates your site for free if needed.

To get started, visit

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7. InterServer


  • + Inexpensive
  • + Decent time for loads (~520ms)
  • + Easily adjustable
  • + Monitoring the server 24/7


  • Extra charges for cPanel
  • Data centers only in the US
  • No default storage Raid 1
  • Better maybe customer service

InterServer offers a good kind of customizable options for its dedicated servers at low prices. Their service is also reliable and performs quite decently, regardless of whether it is one of the most profitable options.

Their data centers are only based in the US From a performance standpoint, their load time over the past two months was ~ 520 ms on average. Uptime was near perfect too, with 99.99% and only 12 minutes of outages in total.

InterServer offers dedicated servers with Linux and Windows configurations, but be prepared to pay more for the latter. You are also ready to choose the specified operating system for your server from a good variety of options. The dashboard has an additional cost, you need to need it and you can choose from cPanel, WHM, Plesk, and DirectAdmin.

The cheapest customizable plan gives you 8 GB of RAM and a 3.2 GHz processor with 4 CPU cores for your web server. Regarding storage, you will choose between 2TB of HDD or 250GB of SDD storage. The latter is considerably faster but has a fairly low volume. Furthermore, you can get 5 dedicated IP addresses. However, it is limited to 10 TB of bandwidth, which should be sufficient for the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.


The main features are standard root and SSH access, DDoS protection, and 24/7 server uptime monitoring. However, RAID 1 storage is not included without choosing a second disk along with your plan, which costs more.

InterServer offers technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for its dedicated servers. However, if you have an idea without an impact panel, only the network will be reinstalled and you will have hardware issues. together with an impact panel, their support extends to the repair of any service that is not working.

Getting a response from their support team took a couple of minutes, but they answered our questions directly. However, your support representative overlooked some of the questions we had to ask again.

Overall, InterServer customer service could be better as it might take a little time to get all your questions answered. this is often especially so once you have to repeat your questions.


The cheapest customizable plan with the server specs outlined above starts at $ 80 / mo and does not include an impact panel. for example, the value of cPanel access costs you an additional $ 34 per month. However, if you are more satisfied working with the instructional interface, the hosting options are still very profitable.

InterServer’s dedicated hosting comes with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, which they also maintain, as seen in the stats.

To get started, visit

8. GoDaddy


  • + Bandwidth Unmetered
  • + Decent time for loads (~530ms)
  • + U.S., EU, and Asian data centers
  • + Storage RAID 1
  • + A free 1-year certificate with SSL
  • + 24/7 control of uptime


  • Strong Cost of Renewal ($174.99/mo)
  • Extra costs for cPanel (but it is cheap)
  • Support by phone only

Plans start at $79.99/mo

In terms of dedicated servers, GoDaddy is one of the leading web hosting brands and provides reliable services. Their marketing is top-notch, but we found that it is essential to consider the renewal and additional costs that may be lurking with your plans.

Their data centers are located in the US, the EU, and Asia, giving them excellent coverage. They need an honest 99.98% uptime, with only 17 minutes of downtime measured in the last two months. Also, the performance is quite good, with an average load time of ~ 530 ms in recent months.

GoDaddy offers dedicated servers configured for both Linux and Windows, and it’s no wonder the latter costs more. A dashboard isn’t included with the plans, but you’re ready to add a cPanel or Plesk subscription via GoDaddy if you want.


The cheapest plan comes with 4 GB of RAM and a 3.1 GHz processor with 4 CPU cores. Plus, you can get 1TB of HDD disk space and unmetered bandwidth if you don’t violate their Hosting Agreement, which they claim rarely happens; however, always read the fine print. Plus, you get a dedicated IP address with the self-managed plan, which upgrades to three once you choose a managed plan.

As for most of the features, you get quality root access (self-managed plan only), DDoS protection, and RAID 1 storage by default. They even have 24/7 uptime monitoring and give you a free 1-year SSL certificate with each plan.

Their customer support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by phone, and can be expanded with managed dedicated server plans. However, when they go for a self-managed dedicated server, they will expect you to have an internet developer to do it all themselves.

The initial response from their customer support team was fairly quick, but it took a couple of tries to push answers to the right questions. It also seemed like they were ready for the template’s responses, but it took a hit when asked unconventional or follow-up questions.

Overall, GoDaddy customer support could be better in technical terms, but you’ll be warmly welcomed either way.


The cheapest plan starts at $ 79.99 / month and comes with a 2-year commitment. However, keep in mind that this prize rolls over to $ 174.99 / mo after the initial period. If it’s easier to pay monthly, then plans start at $ 159.99 / month.

You have the option to offer a cPanel subscription along with your dedicated server for a really profitable price of $ 15 / month. The upgrade takes you from self-managed decisions to managed plan with additional monitoring, updates, and backups. If you are not comfortable with managing the server yourself, we suggest adding the option, it goes without saying.

GoDaddy also extends its 99.9% uptime guarantee to each dedicated hosting plan.

To get started, visit

9. Hostwinds


  • + Cheap starting price
  • + Highly customizable
  • + 8 IPs dedicated
  • + Excellent support


  • Extra charges for cPanel
  • Average load time below (~1120ms)
  • No RAID default storage
  • DDoS costs more than
  • Data centers only in the US

Plans start at $79.50/mo

Hostwinds offers a dedicated and affordable hosting service that you can simply customize to suit your needs. However, the low prices also reflect some missing standard features that several of the opposing providers include by default. A budgetary cost is also reflected to some extent in performance.

Their data centers are only in the US, Dallas, and Seattle. Uptime for the last two months has been 99.99%, with only one total downtime. However, its performance is totally poor, with an average load time of ~ 1120 ms, which is below the industry standard.

Hostwinds offers servers configured for both Linux and Windows in which you will choose your required operating system. The plans do not include a dashboard, but you are ready to subscribe to cPanel, Plesk, or CWP through the HostWinds interface, for an additional cost.

The cheapest plan sets it up with 8GB of RAM and a 3.5GHz processor with 4 CPU cores, which can be a steal considering a cheap price. Furthermore, you can get 1 TB of HDD disk space and a total of 8 dedicated IP addresses. However, it is limited to 10 TB of bandwidth for data transfers.


The main features are somewhat lacking within the default plans, but you have the option of presenting them separately for a price. you are getting root access along with your servers, but there is no default RAID storage feature (choose an additional disk for an additional cost), DDoS protection (additional $ 50 / month), or 24/7 monitoring (additional $ 2 / month) included. Plus, you may have the option to get cloud backups as an add-on for a coffee price of $ 1 / mo.

HostWinds customer service is available 24/7 by phone, chat, or a ticket system and is included with every plan. Their reaction time is excellent and therefore the representatives are very knowledgeable and want to help you with any questions you may have.

You can expect simple answers but with enough detail to give you a complete picture of what you are looking for. This was something we enjoyed and created a great support experience.

Overall, HostWinds customer service is very professional and dedicated to helping you with anything you want.


Plans start at $ 79.50 / month, and that’s with no future commitment. A dashboard is not included with the plans, but you have the option to purchase it separately through Hostwinds. for example, a subscription to cPanel costs you another $ 35 per month.

So, if you’re looking to push all the essential features like DDoS protection, RAID storage, 24/7 monitoring, and cPanel, for example, then you’re seeing a starting price of around $ 175 / month.

Hostwinds also offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

To get started, visit

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1LiquidWeb358ms/ 99.99%480GB SSD32GB/4 Cores, 3.9GHz5TB$35/mo$199/mo (monthly payment
463ms/ 99.98%
500GB SSD or 1TB HDD8GB/4 Cores 3.50GHz6TBFree$115.69/mo (1 year)
1094ms/ 99.86%1TB HDD8GB/4 Cores, 2.1GHzUnlimitedFree
$89.98/mo (3 years)
4Bluehost718ms/ 99.99%500GB HDD4GB/4 Cores, 2.3GHz5TBFree$79.99/mo (3 years)
5DreamHost1120ms/ 99.87%1TB HDD4GB/4 CoresUnlimitedInhouse$149/mo (1 year)
6A2 Hosting1222ms/ 99.99%
8GB/2 Cores 3.1GHz10TB$39.95/mo$99.59/mo (1 year)
7InterServer520ms/ 99.99%2TB HDD or 250 GB SSD8GB/4 Cores 3.2GHz10TB$34/mo$80/mo
8GoDaddy527ms/ 99.98%1TB HDD
4GB/4 Cores, 3.1GHz
$15/mo$79.99/mo (2 years)
9HostWinds1119ms/ 99.99%1TB HDD8GB/4 Cores, 3.5GHz10TB$35/mo$79.50/mo

Dedicated hosting offers a unique service when high performance and server speed are essential for your websites. These standards support numerous small and medium-sized enterprises, from high-quality photography blogs to websites for resellers and everything in between.


The cost of getting dedicated servers is above other types of hosting, except for an honest reason. You’ll get full privacy, top-notch servers, a wealth of server resources, and full control over your server if you so desire. Especially if you are a small or medium-sized company, you won’t have to invest in owning your servers, but you will still get guaranteed server services on your way.

The main differences are due to your experience and therefore the level of participation in the management of your dedicated server. you have the option to choose between fully managed servers, unmanaged servers, and everything in between. Another factor to consider is the services you want and the dedicated server provider that can perfectly fulfill those needs is chosen.

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