Best Web Hosting Reviews for 2021 (AUSTRALIA)

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From Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, and a few other large Australian cities, Nathan was able to visit each of these Australia web hosting servers.

We’ve arranged our suggested hosts in numerical order to keep things simple and avoid frustrating you with the hundreds of options out there.



  • 30-day money return guarantee on a money back guarantee
  • Supports 24/7


  • Wonderful value for the money
  • Broad selection of facilities at one facility
  • Strong quality
  • Service level agreement of 9 percent for peace of mind
  • For all hosting arrangements, Money Back guarantee


  • Plans aimed solely at business users
  • Domain registration fees are a little costly.

Plan starts from $9.95

Netregistry is also Australia’s leading domain management service provider since 1997, with 1 in 3 domains in Australia registered with them. you will register domain names, transfer domain names, reconfigure DNS systems, and edit MX records using the Netregistry platform. It is an accredited domain registrar and you will register all top-level domains plus your choice of domain extensions according to your wishes.

The Netregistry provides SSL certificates to ensure the authenticity of the data. If you have an e-commerce website or any system that collects confidential user data, such as login information or master card details or bank details, you would like a secure SSL connection. Netregistry SSL Certificates carry the GeoTrust seal and 256-bit encryption for unmatched security and peace of mind.

Netregistry SSL certifications come with a AUD 100,000 guarantee, protecting you from any litigation risk and also ensuring the robustness and reliability of the system.

Netgeistry Offers

Netregistry delivers on its promises, which is what is often said of several of its biggest competitors. By providing business users with the breadth of services they have at a fair price, Netregistry offers a compelling alternative to established brands around the world.
Netregistry web hosting provides affordable hosting services geared towards business and commercial users. By targeting a specific category of customers, the company aims to focus its resources on providing excellent services without overextending itself.

Netregistry has cloud hosting programs as its main offering, a serious plan for business users who know the advantages of such programs in pursuit of their business goals.

The company also offers a wide range of domain-related web hosting services in Australia.

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Hostinger2. HOSTINGER


  • Github integration
    Manage DNS
  • LiteSpeed cache
  • Cloudflare covered name server


  • Hosting plans start with a single domain at $ 0.99 per month.
  • Each package includes a free domain and a website builder (Zyro)
  • Reliable customer support team


  • Lack of help over the phone

Why is Hostinger the simplest option for reasonable hosting? For starters, it offers you a number of features and security equivalent to what you will get from high-end hosting platforms with an easy-to-use interface where you will make billing changes, monitor your emails, and manage all your domains. All of this comes at affordable prices.

Let’s take a deeper look at what makes Hostinger the simplest budget hosting service on the market. Read our full Hostinger review

Reputation and Reliability

HostingerHostinger has proven that they are a reliable network that their customers can count on to be there at the end of the day. They provide flexible hosting packages that are tailored to suit your needs or budget. With an average uptime of 99.88 percent, you will convey that air of reliability to your own visitors with confidence.


This is where we get to the heart of the matter. There are many free hosting plans that offer a less expensive alternative, but little else. Hostinger’s plans start at just $ 0.99 per month for a typical shared plan with a domain, and their best VPS hosting solution starts at just $ 4.95 per month.

Unlike other cheap services, there are no hidden costs or price spikes. In fact, your rates won’t even increase until you’ve been with their service for a minimum of four years.


Where else can you find a reasonable option that gives you the features you’d like without giving up the speed that today’s users expect? The available features are worth the cost, but Hostinger also provides added value that goes beyond the basics.

HostingerHostinger is also compatible with most operating systems, MySQL, and FTP files, and is optimized for WordPress.

A free website and domain builder named Zyro can be included in each plan who needs no coding or design skills. That comes with a free SSL certificate to authenticate his domain, unlimited SSD storage and unlimited bandwidth, as well as free images that you will use to design our website.

That allows you to proportional or decrease consistently with your traffic and expansion rate without paying more. Even their basic shared plan includes 100MB of bandwidth and 10GB of storage, which is enough for any beginner.

Finally, with Zyro, you’ll create an expert logo in seconds. Put your creativity to good use with the new Hostinger feature that allows you to create logos for your brand in no time and without the help of the designer. And it’s conveniently called the Logo Maker. You can not lose this.

Worried about safety? Then you will appreciate the fact that Hostinger puts the integrity of your data first. With your VPS plan, you’ll enjoy state-of-the-art encryption, and all plans include daily backups.

Customer Support

They do not play with being cheap, but that does not mean that their service is poor. Hostinger knows that a company’s service is only as good as the support they provide to their loyal customers.

Emails are answered within a couple of hours. Also, you may have the option of contacting them via live online chat or integrated intercom 24/7/365. You’ll also access an in-depth knowledge domain and tutorials directly from their website.

There is a reason this company is loved by 29,000,000 employees and counting. Hostinger doesn’t beat around the bush. they affirm what they mean and that they mean what they affirm. Once you choose this hosting platform, you will get reliable and affordable Web hosting that you will trust in Australia.

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  • First year’s free domain name
  • WordPress installation with one click
  • 30-day money return guarantee on a money back guarantee
  • Supports 24/7


  • Affordable hosting plans
  • CPanel control panel
  • Fantastic knowledge base and education hub.


  • For those looking for a personal site, it is not recommended

Plan starts from $2.75

If you’ve been lucky enough to switch to Bluehost, then you know that due to its sophisticated Facebook retargeting, Bluehost ads will haunt you forever. Most of those ads boast that Bluehost is the best online hosting solution.

While it is an honest choice, it is definitely not the simplest.

The truth is, Bluehost is usually one of the top web servers, but over the years they need continued performance to lag behind. Your page speed has continually decreased, and based on our data, we will see trends of increasing page load times and slower performance across all of our Bluehost-based sites. It is one of the recommended web hosting in Australia.

If you are a blogger looking for a private site I would not recommend Bluehost, they plan to squeeze every last penny out of you. If you have a business, definitely don’t choose Bluehost. I would stick with our main pick and use Siteground.

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  • First year’s free domain name
  • WordPress installation with one click
  • 30-day money return guarantee on a money back guarantee
  • supports 24/7


  • Affordable hosting plans
  • CPanel control panel
  • Fantastic knowledge base and education hub.
  • Buy-backs of energy loans offset their carbon footprint by 300%
  • Rapid servers
  • Security at the top-notch
  • Automated Backups


  • For those looking for a personal site, it is not recommended
  • No Asian datacenters
  • There can be cheaper hosting elsewhere,

Plan starts from $2.95

Founded by Trey Gardner in 2008, GreenGeeks provides high-quality, affordable web hosting to nearly 300,000 customers. What makes it unique is its commitment to the environment by substituting the energy used by customers for wind generation credits. They partner with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation in Oregon to get 3 times the maximum amount of wind energy they consume, leaving GreenGeeks and their customers carbon negative. It is also one of the recommended webhosting in Australia.

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  • Key Strengths – Excellent pricing, great usability, and convenient integration.
  • Key Complaints – Plan limitations, average performance, no phone support.
  • Best For – Small website owners looking for ease of use and excellent pricing.


  • Inexpensive
  • Protecting privacy for free
  • Awesome service for customers
  • Free Forwarding of Email
  • Custom DNS Free
  • DNS Premium
  • Customer Service 24/7


  • Lack of Telephone Assistance

Plan starts from $1.24

In 2000, NameCheap started out as a domain hosting company and has since built its reputation on providing incredible domain hosting services.

They have also become web hosting services where they are starting to create a new name for themselves, but this article would be a NameCheap domain review exclusively, because it is impressive enough to deserve its own dedicated review. It is also one of the recommended web-hosting in Australia.

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  • Aid 24/7
  • 30-day money return guarantee on a money back guarantee
  • Control panel cPanel
  • Transfer to free website


  • When you sign up for the simple shared hosting package, free domain
  • UPTO 74% OFF
  • In addition to online tutorials and a comprehensive knowledge base, support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Free trial for 30 days


  • Expensive renewal fees

Plan starts from $2.95

Our reviews mainly specialize in the three S’s of what makes a host honest: security, scalability, and support.

While several of the standards we’ve used demonstrate negligible differences between hosting platforms on many fronts, we believe HostPapa responds in a number of ways. For starters, your starter package includes all the features that many other hosting services charge a premium to access.

HostPapa Pricing and Features

Their motto is “get everything you would like to be successful” and that they do their best to deliver.

At the most important basic service level, you get two free websites and domain registration, 100 gigabytes of solid state drive (SSD) storage, which is the current gold standard of reliable web hosting technology in Australia, unmetered bandwidth and guaranteed uptime of 99.9 percent. 😎

You will also get a free domain with the registration of the essential shared hosting plan. HostPapa has also been kind enough to offer our readers a huge discount of 82% on their basic plans and over 54% on their other plans. Check their offer here.

⬆️ Use this link ⬆️ arrow pointing to HostPapa discount link to say your discount on new hosting packages.

That’s enough to make sure that the speed and reliability that most websites have to remain competitive, but that may not be all you’ll get.

The started plan also includes “all essential features”. These include LetsEncrypt SSL, a free website builder, and free transfers if you want to maneuver your existing website onto their platform.

That also means they need wide-ranging support capabilities that are designed to allow you the flexibility to use the software, PHP, and operating systems that are best for you without any concerns about compatibility.

Business hosting

Going to the Premium Business Pro plan does not add excess value for an SMB to benefit, and gives it a level of functionality to power even the most important business network.

That includes advanced features like unlimited emails and SQL databases, performance improvements like a 300 percent performance boost and unlimited sites, and advanced security solutions like SiteLock, WildCard SSL, and enhanced privacy.

HostPapa offers

How good a reputation and high scores in the reviews of professional websites like ours and therefore the experience of real users? HostPapa has an average satisfaction score of 9 out of 10 stars in categories like reliability, pricing, and features.

His highest score, 9.2 out of 10, is in the support category. This is not a corporation that will register you and then disappear. provide 24/7 support, video tutorials, and a deep knowledge domain, among other benefits.

HostPapa also offers a 100-computer satisfaction guarantee and a 30-day free trial.

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