Cheap Cloud Hosting That is Great Fit for WordPress Sites


HostGator Cloud is an “enhanced” version of your shared hosting option.

They say it should be faster and more scalable than your usual hosting.

First, it has provided 100% uptime for the past four months, resulting in excellent performance for 24 months. HostGator Cloud doesn’t compromise on speed either, offering average page load times of just 399ms.

Friendly customer support and free site migrations make this one of the best options we’ve reviewed.

Just be aware of the additional charges that may appear when paying or renewing your plan.

Here’s an in-depth analysis of how HostGator Cloud has performed over the past 24 months.

General Info & Hosting Overview

Our Rating:Our Verdict: 4.0 ⭐⭐⭐⭐
SPEED:857 ms (February 2020 to January 2021)
UPTIME:99.93% (February 2020 to January 2021)
SUPPORT:24/7 Live Chat
APPS:Over 75 apps supported
FEATURES:Unmetered bandwidth and storage, single email account, free domain 1st year
HOSTING PLANS:Shared, Cloud, WordPress, VPS, and Dedicated Servers
SITE TRANSFER:Single Free Site Transfer
PRICING:Starting at $2.75/mo (renews at $6.95/mo)

Pros of Using HostGator Cloud

Right from the start, HostGator Cloud dazzles us with heavenly page uptime and page stacking times.

Your workers are packed with highlights not normally found with a significant number of your rivals.

In addition, they launch a selective refund that reduces the evaluation of this high-level host to the lowest levels of the business.

Here is a brief look at a part of the functions:

1. VERY Strong Uptime of 99.99% (Over the Last 24-months)

HostGator Cloud has recorded a normal uptime of 99.99% over the past two years. That sounds incredible in light of the fact that it is – the last five months have seen five progressive scores of 100% in all cases.

During our next two-year period, your uptime fell below your 99.90% uptime guarantee a one-time advantage. July 2018 was just below the limit with an uptime of 99.89%.

Here’s how the Uptime Guarantee works:

In the event that your normal uptime during the month is less than 99.90%, you can get installment recognition throughout the month. Concerted support and other occasional accidents are rejected. In any case, it is acceptable to realize that they remain energetically behind their clients and will not be punished if the hosting of execution briefly slips away.

In case you are using one of their VPS or dedicated workers, you are also covered by an Alternative Network Guarantee (explained in their terms).

Last 12-month average uptime for HostGator Cloud:

  • January 2020 average uptime: 100%
  • December 2019 average uptime: 100%
  • November 2019 average uptime: 100%
  • October 2019 average uptime: 100%
  • September 2019 average uptime: 99.98%
  • August 2019 average uptime: 99.99%
  • July 2019 average uptime: 100%
  • June 2019 average uptime: 99.98%
  • May 2019 average uptime: 99.99%
  • April 2019 average uptime: 100%
  • March 2019 average uptime: 100%
  • February 2019 average uptime: 100%
Live test site: | Avg. uptime and speed24-months+

2. Top 5 Load Times (Only 399ms)

HostGator Cloud offers a couple of additional benefits over its standard shared workers. The most important, however, is speed.

They guarantee “up to 2x faster load times” due to a variety of additional highlights, including “thin workers, premium equipment and multiple layers of storage.”

HostGator’s shared plans faltered in this office, posting a disappointingly low normal load time of 1113ms. In truth, that’s too low to even consider a recommendation: take at least a second to stack pages (before even adding text or images on top of them).

Naturally, we had doubts as to whether HostGator Cloud would have the option to stream “2x faster load times”. Be that as it may, after two years of following normal stacking times, we must affirm that they have been transmitted.

HostGator Cloud’s two-year average of just 399ms is adequate to calmly place them among our top five fastest websites. See for yourself in the month-by-month breakdown below.

Here are the load time averages from the past 16-months:

HostGator Cloud average speed 2019-2020 | See stats

HostGator Cloud is looking solid so far, joining dependable uptime with blasting quick workers. Those are two significant boxes ticked.

3. Special Discounted Pricing – Exclusive to

HostGator Cloud’s uptime and page speeds destroyed its shared workers.

So why aren’t more people just moving to the cloud version? All things considered, cash.

The advertised cost for this cloud alternative starts at $ 4.95 / month and goes up to $ 9.95 / month. Remember that this valuation also applies to the longer term of three years. (More on that under the “Cons”).

The higher cost tag leaves some clients to stick with shared hosting, all things considered.

Fortunately, there is encouraging news. HostGator has given an elite rebate to bring the HostGator Cloud estimate down to just $ 2.99 / month.

That means that you are basically paying the shared hosting fees and consequently improving the aid. Just remember that this rebate only applies to one, three and a half year plans. After that underlying term, the value will increase at the recharge rate of $ 8.95 on the smallest arrangement.

4. Very User-Friendly Hosting

HostGator Cloud discovers how to achieve a decent core ground of budding friendly support, which performs like a high-level one.

This is what we mean:

Speed ​​and transfer capacity are “unlimited” on each and every Cloud plan. That’s practically unbelievable in more affordable options. Also, it basically implies that you are not being punished while your site develops and develops and develops.

Larger venues regularly require more assets, leading to a higher and more expensive arrangement. However, not with HostGator Cloud. All things being equal, your only significant limitation in each arrangement is the number of premises you need to have.

So in case you are just anticipating hosting a site, you could do so with the “least expensive” alternative and still be fine when your starter site becomes a diagram that outperforms one.

The other encouraging news is that you cannot be penalized or charged for using additional assets, in the same way.

Contrast that with a supervised WordPress you have like WP Engine. Certainly, they are generally amazing. However, they also have “excess” expenses that affect you if your site begins to exceed the monthly limits of the plan.

What’s more, even worse, these expenses are scheduled frequently. So, on the off chance that you have a decent month and traffic spikes, you’ll essentially be punished for it.

HostGator Cloud, on the other hand, offers a higher amount of “no-reserve entry” valuation, which is rare for less expensive hosts that only cost you a couple of dollars each month.

5. FREE Extras: Server Resource Management, Monitoring, and Site Migrations

HostGator Cloud is fast as they don’t depend on your critical workers.

Each server farm is backed by coordinated reservations, cloud assets, dashboard, and information mirrors. These highlights work together to improve stacking speed, monitor asset allocation, and ensure accessibility. In English, that means workers can cooperate with a host’s schedule to restrict the amount of assets that need to be shipped around.

HostGator Cloud also includes worker observation and robotic “failover” to ensure that if there is a problem with your equipment, you will think about it as soon as possible and there is a Plan B set up to save your site.

Access to cPanel is remembered for each fix, along with new email accounts. Plus, you get a free website or cPanel relocation from your current website.

All HostGator Cloud hosting options incorporate a single free site relocation. Some other specialized hosting cooperatives will bring in additional movements for nothing, while many others will make you pay for any relocation. So HostGator Cloud falls somewhere in the middle of the spectrum.

In the event that you need to move a larger number of locales than that, they will do so for an expected expense of ~ $ 25 / site. Despite that, it may depend a bit on the size or number of documents.

Unfortunately, there are several locales that HostGator cannot move for you. These generally incorporate destinations that need FTP as well as databases. The waiting list incorporates anything from VistaPrint, Intuit, Wix, Google Sites, Microsoft Office, or MobileMe.

6. Good, Friendly Support

HostGator provides help every minute of every day / 365 through an information base and a large number of instructional exercises in the video, telephone attention, and live visits.

We test your visit live, composing on our behalf, and beginning the investigation. We just hoped to stay tuned for five minutes for Puneeth to interact and help us.

In general, Puneeth was really well disposed and answered the vast majority of our inquiries.

He until he came to answer a couple of inquiries about the movements of the site.

Most of the websites we have investigated will offer a free website move in any case. HostGator Cloud follows that pattern.

However, if different hosts don’t move more destinations for anything, there is usually a one-time charge to move the locales for you.

Puneeth was not really prepared to give us a direct answer to the expenses of numerous movements. He guaranteed that it usually comes down to the size or number of documents and a couple of different subtleties.

We ended up stimulating the live chat meeting and trying one more time. This time, we finally found a fix for the moves: an expected ~ $ 25 / site.

So overall, the live chat was kind of uneven, but you had the option to answer each of our queries.

There is one last edifying news here. At the time we originally investigated HostGator, they did not offer any web-based media support.

However, we are pleased to tell you that they are currently responding on social media, noting singular issues numerous times a day:

Cons of Using HostGator Cloud

The HostGator Cloud exhibit was generally noteworthy. However, there are two blots on his record.

The first is the higher costs for transitional plans and high restoration rates when your initial period ends. The subsequent major problem is that they seem to have removed a couple of additional administrations and are now making you pay for them.

Here’s a review:

1. Introductory Price Hikes & High Renewal Rates

You can save a lot on hosting if you know how to navigate common pricing tactics that plague the industry.

The first is the initial introductory rate you see on a host’s site. This is usually a fairly low monthly price. The problem, however, is that you will generally have to pay in advance for at least two to three years to take advantage of this advantage.

A shorter monthly option, if they offer one, can sometimes cost up to two or three times that cost.

For example, HostGator Cloud will cost $ 3.98 / month for 36 months (or $ 2.99 / month with our discount for the shorter term) that rolls over at $ 8.95 / month.


However, when you discover a host that you like, presumably you are in an ideal position to get the three-year rate to the extent that this is possible. This is the reason.

The basic post-evaluation problem in the hosting business is the high recharge rate. For this situation, when the underlying term closes, your deal will reset accordingly to $ 8.95 / mo for exactly the same help. You are not fundamentally improving aid. They are simply putting money into you so as not to trade you have again by then.

So make sure you like the host you are going with. And then pay for the longest term possible to keep your rate low from month to month.

HostGator Cloud Pricing, Hosting Plans & Quick Facts

Here’s a quick overview of the HostGator Cloud plans offered:

Hatchling PlanBaby PlanBusiness Plan
Re news at $6.95/mo
Renews at $9.95/mo
Renews at $14.95/mo
StorageUn meteredUn-meteredUnmetered
Email AccountsUnlimitedUnlimitedUn-limited
Other Features•Un limited Addon Domains• Dedicated IP
• Free Positive SSL Upgrade
• Free SEO Tools

Quick Facts

  • Free domain: yes.
  • Registration simplicity: the information exchange measure is very simple.
  • Free site migration: yes.
  • Refund: 45-day unconditional promise
  • Payment methods in installments: you can pay with Mastercard or PayPal.
  • Hidden Fees and Clauses – Despite unmeasured transfer speed and capacity, you cannot use more than 25% of your frame for more than 90 seconds. Recharge rates are higher than typical. Also, your group cannot move specific types of destinations without FTP.
  • Upsells: There are some upsells on the way.
  • Logs Activation: It may take 24 to 48 hours for logs to start from time to time.
  • Dashboard Control Panel and Experience: cPanel.
  • Application and CMS establishment (WordPress, Joomla, etc.) – Extremely simple, one-trick establishment cycle of the most popular accessible applications.

Do We Recommend HostGator Cloud?


HostGator Cloud finds out how to do a couple of things really well. They are very easy to understand and modest for our discount. At the same time, you probably get the best uptime and page stacking execution we’ve seen after checking over 30 different hosts.

Customer service was solid too.

So even though the recharge fees are a bit higher and some additional expenses are expected, the way this arrangement is limited to a similar cost as their shared alternatives makes it an easy decision.

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